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A cable company want you to conduct a test to see if the proportion of its cable subsribers that have complaints against the company is less than .13. What is the alternative hypothesis? X-None of the above. When computing a test for the variance, what parameter is used in the null and alternative hypotheses? sigma^2 Set up the alternative hypothesis to test if the population mean of the Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder Test for WWII POW survivors is less than 16. H1: mu< 16 Science Magazine reported that the mean listening time of 7-month-old infants exposed to a three-syllable sentence (e.g., "I love you") is 9 seconds. A sample of 50 infants of the same age was tested at a hospital in Houston and found the average time to be 8 seconds. We want to test to see if the population mean is different from 9 seconds. What is the null hypothesis? Ho: mu=9 You are instructed to conduct a test to see whether the mean pouring temperature differs from the target setting of 20 degrees by taking a sample of 50 parts. What is the alternative hypothesis?
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