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Theo A. Dillaha, Ph.D., P.E. Engineers and Sustainable Development in Developing Countries Professor - Biological Systems Engineering Theo Dillaha is a Biological Systems Engineer who directs the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (SANREM) project, a $12 million program funded by USAID that conducts research to support sustainable natural resources management in developing countries. Dr. Dillaha will describe the SANREM project and the roles that engineers are playing in the project.
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Unformatted text preview: Scott M. Bailey Space-Based Observations of the Sun and Earth Assistant Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering The dramatic variability in the Sun leads to similarly dramatic responses in the upper atmosphere. I will discuss space based experiments to address this connection including measurement of the solar X-ray irradiance and the upper atmospheric composition. I will also discuss a new satellite mission to determine why polar mesospheric clouds form and why they vary....
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