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MATLAB_Workshop_Activity_F06 - 10 5.51 20 6.02 30 6.61 40...

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Dept. of Engineering Education, ENGE1024 Fall 2006 Virginia Tech Page 1 of 1 MATLAB Workshop Exercise, S. Waldron, J.Lo, 2005-6 *Reference: Fairchild Semiconductor® product information can be found at: http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/LM/LM741.pdf MATLAB Workshop Exercise You are given the following information on the Fairchild 741 Operational Amplifier*, which can be used in electrical circuits; power consumption was measured as temperature was varied. Ambient Temperature T, °C Power Consumption P, mW -20. 3.92 -10. 4.52 0. 5.10
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Unformatted text preview: 10. 5.51 20. 6.02 30. 6.61 40. 7.15 50. 8.01 60. 8.94 70. 9.98 80. 11.03 a) Using MATLAB, plot the data on semilog-y paper. b) Use the appropriate polyfit command to determine the equation constants. c) Using the results from your polyfit command, create a single MATLAB plot of the data with the best-fit line. Your graph should have the appropriate axes labels and title. d) Using the constants you determined above, report the common form of the equation of the best-fit line. e) Your workshop leader will review your work....
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  • Following, Harshad number, Christopher Nolan, April 20, Fairchild 741 Operational Amplifier*, MATLAB Workshop Exercise

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