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AT 258 Syllabus Fall 080

AT 258 Syllabus Fall 080 - Syllabus AT 258 Air...

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Syllabus AT 258 Air Transportation Fall 2008 (W. Lafayette) Instructor Dr. Chien-tsung Lu, Associate Professor Office: T222 Email: [email protected] Phone: (765) 494-6517 Address: Department of Aviation Technology Purdue University W. Lafayette, IN 47907 Office Hours: MWF: 1000~1200; 1400~1500 or by Email Department Of Aviation Vision Statement Welcome to AT 258 Air Transportation. The Department of Aviation Technology is an internationally respected center for excellence in education of maintenance, flight training, safety, and management. Purdue University offers a diverse, internationally recognized aviation education program at a world class teaching and research institution. Department Of Aviation Mission Statement Our department’s educational mission focuses on the preparation of our graduates for challenging and rewarding careers in the aviation industry. The mission of the Department of Aviation is to provide a competitive advantage to our partners in the aerospace industry by recruiting, educating, and supporting future industry leaders using innovative programs, state of the art facilities, and leading edge research. I: Textbook Primary Textbooks 1. Wensveen, J. G. (2007). Air Transportation: A management perspective (6 th ed.). Burlington, VT: Ashgate. 2. AT 258 Course Packet (Available from AT Student Council in AT Buld during the first week of school; at Copymat Chauncey Hill Mall after that) Library Reserve 1. Kane, R. (2003). Air transportation (4 th ed.). Dubugue, IA: Kendall/Hunt. 2. Supplemental class materials/readings 3. American Psychological Association (2001). APA Publication Manual (5 th ed.). Washington, DC: Author. II: Course Description Class description This revamped class is originally designed by Dr. Dale B. Oderman introducing aviation students a basic understanding of our air transportation industry. Primarily focusing on the 1
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development of the U.S. air transportation environment, this class covers the origin of air transportation, early air mail service and regulatory environment, the golden age of commercial aviation, airline deregulation, analytical techniques of airline management, the fundamental activities of labor unions and international policymaking organizations. Audience This course is designed for students in the Department of Aviation Technology, as well as those in other disciplines who are interested in learning the essentiality of air transportation management. This course is designed to assist aviation students/future aviation leaders discover the applicable knowledge relevant to airline operation. To enhance research capability pertaining to management field, students are encouraged to conduct research projects by reviewing literatures, designing research framework, selecting research methodology, analyzing collected data, and sharing findings with classmates.
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AT 258 Syllabus Fall 080 - Syllabus AT 258 Air...

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