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Name _____________________________ Section _________ Instructions: Please, handwrite all responses in the space provided below each question. Typed responses will not be accepted for credit. Please, hand this quiz to your instructor along with your self-assessment from chapter 7. Due: 09/29. Chapter 7: 1. Define role conflict. 2. What is synergy? 3. Name the three necessary skills in order to have a successful team: 4. Are the differences between cultures or the differences between genders generally greater
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Unformatted text preview: within groups? Explain. 5. In your own words, what is social loafing? Chapter 8: 1. What is the difference between a problem solving team and a cross functional team? 2. Name the five stages of the Tuckman Model, in order: 3. The team issue authority deals with: 4. Which type of team is also known as a Quality circle? 5. Reward systems within groups can be a tricky concept. How can one properly utilize the reward system for a team?...
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