PHY101_Exam1ANS - studentName: Ke,',r,clf' Il stuoent...

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Unformatted text preview: studentName: Ke,',r,clf' Il stuoent nmber: ts Multiple Choice QuestioN Cleady circle the letter of your choice, you do not ned to show you work. No poirts wil b€ siv€n fo ou$tioN with two or more cnoic€o brk€d. No pirtial oedit wil be siv€p. I . G pts) Which equalion is 4imensionally incorecfl (^t t x/, (b)a=flx Or=0/l o. )j,' ". I f.1::, q \i1 l \ \ 3-h iF..> 1 2 2- (3 pts) A risht tridsle h6 sides 5 m, 12 m, atd 13 n- What is the sine of$e smallest msie of rhis uieBlel l a ) 0 . 1 a ( b ) 5 t 2 o 5 / t j t d r t 2 l B t . r 2 2 . 6 ' < i ^ r o ' ) , e \ N o ' ' 4 1 3. (3 pts) One physics profossor attached a device to the ceilitg to hold m aplle, hoPing it would lead to some crcative rhinking whe. the apple is releaed dd hits someone. Anothq piofessr decided ro hold a bag of I 00 apples at the sme h€iglt so ltol it ce be 100 tines more efective. ignore air .esisiance. When the singlo appl€ and the ba8 ofapples are rel€ased, they will (a) hale differ€nt acceleradons. (b) experience the same $avitational lbrce O spend the sarne time in flighl afte. droppins the sane dislanc€. (d) rcn€ ofthe above 4. (J pts) The drner of d ca, applies lhe DrcaL and dele'erares &om J0 m ' Lo s complete sLop io I 0 s. How fa. does the .r tevel during this l0 s? O l 5 0 m 5. (3 pts) (o) 300 m (b) 196 m lf)ou add graphically rhe recroh A od B. whilh ol'he following is r€sufting vector R=A+B?...
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This note was uploaded on 10/02/2008 for the course PHY 101 taught by Professor Pralle during the Fall '08 term at SUNY Buffalo.

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PHY101_Exam1ANS - studentName: Ke,',r,clf' Il stuoent...

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