Year Notes - Eng 133E September 11, 2007 1729 Histories or...

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Unformatted text preview: Eng 133E September 11, 2007 1729 Histories or Tales of Past Times 1823-26 German Popular Stories 1890 English Fairy Tales Do not buy any books which have bridged by on the front b/c different version. History of Little Goody Two Shoes is in UWO bookstore The other course package can be bought in the IN PRINT store by the book store Folktale/Folk tales that are passed along through the oral tradition by many authors. - They may seem adult in nature. - Can be edited by the authors depending on what they though was appropriate or not. Fairytale contain supernatural being and contrast with folktales (homely by nature)- used to describe and distinguish from oral and written tales. Nursery Rhymes/Folk tales from oral tradition so there is no definitive version (first). They are always being retold and reshaped. found in the earliest collections for children neither started for the exclusive domain for children both used for didactive (teaching) purposes to teach lessons and not just to entertain. Both have been view for suspicion b/c both have used violence and sexuality Both often deal with the fantastic nature of writings Folktales/fairytales kicked off in the 1800 century through authors such as Perrault, Grimm & Grimm, Jacobs. Perrault - Cinderella- He was not writing specifically for children, but seemed to have a large reading audience of children. - He was thinking of children as he wrote the tales as he wrote them more for adults b/ c of the witty nature in which children may not grasp. - He said that the tales contain sensible morals for those who are open to them, but at the same time he writes about the supernatural in which are not so sensible (they entertain and put to sleep the powers of reason). - He wanted to teach but he primarily wanted to charm/entertain.- his stores were attacked by educators b/c of the supernatural qualities. reflection of lifestyle during that century (fashion and clothes)- Cinderella: often in works such as this, characters which are beautiful are often good (outer beauty is a reflection to the inner beauty) and deserve help (such as a fairy godmother).- Cinderella is not entirely helpless.- The bad guys punish themselves and are just. (but are not punished in the end)- Cinderella sets a good example/role model because she forgives the evil sisters. She is not vindictive.- There is not much comment about the looks/virtues of the sisters- Morals:- The first talks about the importance of graciousness- The second talks about how you she only got what she wanted b/c of her fairy godmother. Grimm & Grimm - Ashputtle they were folk enthusiasts. It was a surprise to them when their tales became a success with children b/c their purpose was to preserve the authentic nature of folk tales....
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Year Notes - Eng 133E September 11, 2007 1729 Histories or...

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