Who was the real Edmund Perry

Who was the real Edmund Perry - Michael Yakuel AP US...

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Michael Yakuel AP US History Mr. Ewing Edmund Perry: Spain, Harlem or Exeter? Who was he…really? Who the hell was this black guy from Harlem? The question of who was the real Edmund Perry (black guy from Harlem) may at first glance appear to have no answer, for how can one person say who another person really was? Indeed, the question posed can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. To find out whom the real Edmund Perry was, one would need to examine the different lives he was living. In the book “Best Intentions” the reader comes across three very different versions of Edmund Perry. Firstly, the “Spain” Edmund Perry who seemed to be highly affected by Arielle. Secondly, the “Harlem” Edmond Perry, the “tough black guy.” Lastly, the “Exeter” Edmund Perry, who strived hard in the hopes of making a difference for the black community and himself, as illustrated by his scholarship at Stanford. Therefore, the real Edmund Perry is not any one life experience alone, but all of these experiences combined. Lives are not shaped by individual moments in time, but by a multitude of moments which both carve and define the people living those lives. Spain had a profound effect on Eddie, not only did the Spanish people and culture affect him, but the people he befriended during his time in Spain changed him forever; particularly Arielle. Arielle seemed to draw out the emotional Eddie Perry, rarely if ever
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Who was the real Edmund Perry - Michael Yakuel AP US...

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