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Pro-slavery speech - The Bible White Mans Burden...

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The Bible White Man’s Burden Paternalism Economy Cotton Gin –Eli Witney Not safe to leave them unsupervised as they are a war-like people Peculiar institution Racially Superior Black slavery is a way of life in the South. Slavery has been around since before the Greeks and Romans, and for good reason. Why should we change? We plantation owners have a terrible, but necessary, weight upon our shoulders. That weight being the white man’s burden. Negroes are like our children and we are their fathers. We do not punish them for sheer joy; we punish them because we feel a sense of paternalism. Further, we have economic needs to consider. The South, my home, is predominantly based on the use of Nigra slaves. Using these Nigras gives us a low or virtually non-existent labor cost basis, which, in turn, allows us to supply the North with cheap cotton. The question that also rises from this is why would Northern manufacturers wish to end slavery if the cheap cotton is beneficial for their industries. We also see one
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