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Causes of The American Revolution

Causes of The American Revolution - Causes of the American...

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Causes of the American Revolution The most probable starting point of the revolution was the French Indian War. The colonists fought along side British regulars and this prolonged exposure created much anti-British sentiment due to the poor treatment of the colonists by the British. By the end of the war, the British were left with a massive wartime debt. The British thought it only fair that the colonists be made to pay a portion of this debt, however the colonists did not see it in this light. The American Revolution was the break between the American colonies and the British Empire. There are multiple factors that led up to this “rebellion.” One reason relates to the fact that the period of salutary neglect, which the Americans enjoyed prior to the French Indian War, was ending. Secondly, the response to this hands-on policy received much criticism. Rebellious and violent acts sprung up all over New England in response to the new English policy. Finally, new ideas and policies began evolving out of these uprisings for an independent nation. Therefore, taxation led to an uprising, and this uprising led to patriotism and independence. The first series of taxes that were levied on the colonists included the Sugar Act, Currency Act and Stamp Act. Although the Sugar Act and Currency Act were loosely enforced, the principle of the British exerting control over the colonists caused a great deal of discontent. The protests against these acts were uncoordinated and did little good. The Proclamation of 1763 was made to protect the colonies from Native American attacks. The Proclamation stated that the colonists were not to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. This infuriated the colonists, as in those days land was wealth.
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