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Assignment 2 - architectural drawing In the title block...

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Matt Rowe Assignment 2 9/4/08 3. Describe Vellum. Vellum is drafting paper that is specially designed to accept pencil or ink. 4. Describe polyester film. It is plastic and more expensive than vellum paper. 7. Which of the following combinations would yield the best reproduction: graphite on vellum, plastic lead on polyester film, or ink on polyester film ? 9. Identify three standard sheet sizes that may commonly be used by architectural offices. 8 ½ x 11, 17 x 11, 22 x 17. 10. Describe zoning. Zoning allows a drawing to be read like a road map. 11. List six elements that normally may be found in a standard architectural title block. Drawing Number, company name, address, phone number, project, drawing name. 12. Identify two different locations where the scale may be located on an
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Unformatted text preview: architectural drawing. In the title block, below the view title. 13. What are the results of a properly folded print? The title block should be showing. 14. Briefly describe the revision process and its steps. There is a written request from somebody for a revision, the change is implemented, where there are changes, there are revision numbers. 22. List four advantages of photocopying over the diazo process. It is easier, can be done on all sorts of paper, clarity is better, it is faster. 23. Give at least to reasons for using microfilm. Storage of drawings, takes up less space. 25. Why is CAD replacing microfilm? They are stored on computer files and can be easily copied....
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