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notes, dec 5 - What was once new challenging and rebellious...

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Notes December 5, 2005 --continued theme-- o Health/physical aging: Deviance takes a toll on the body Deviance has no medical benefits Doctors can make you feel uncomfortable or just plain shitty Everything…all the partying, all the drugs eventually catch up with you. o Burn-out: Just get tired of it. Patti-never wanted to see another line of coke again o Change in the Nature of the Deviance:
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Unformatted text preview: What was once new, challenging, and rebellious becomes jaded. Does not engage you the same way. • Pull-out factors : these are external o Family o Friends o Significant others o Links to respectable social circles-particularly ones that could get you a job o Respectable interests or hobbies o Opportunities for respectable work...
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