exam-2 - LitVerbatimVerbatim frame=leftline,...

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Unformatted text preview: LitVerbatimVerbatim frame=leftline, gobble=0,commandchars= {} CodeVerbatimVerbatim frame=none, numbers=left, gobble=0,commandchars= {} 1 Abstraction and Such 6 What is an abstract data type? Why is this concept important? 6 Your programming team shows you an advertisement for a general-purpose sorting algorithm that can sort any kind of data in O ( n ) time. This is much faster than even quicksort. How much should your company pay for this algorithm? 6 What is the advantage of a skip-list over a binary search tree? 6 Explain very briefly how we can design a data-structure that has the following requirement: insertion and finding need to be O (lg n ). Once an element has been found, we want to be able to get to the next or previous element in O (1) time. 1 2 Singly Linked Data 6 A list can be implemented using arrays, or with linked data. Under what conditions would you prefer one implementation over the other?...
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exam-2 - LitVerbatimVerbatim frame=leftline,...

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