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Christine Castellano March 3 rd , 2007 Art History Makeup Essay #2 The beautiful works of art that came around during the Renaissance all borrowed ideas from one source: the artists/artwork of antiquity. Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman painters, sculptors and architects laid the groundwork for the future generation of craftsmen. During the Gothic and Byzantine time period, the focus was almost exclusively on sacred figures and stories. There was little interest in the human form, mythology or science. However, the Renaissance brought about a monumental change— suddenly artists began looking to their forefathers for techniques and styles, both for architecture and artwork. The focus shifted from the sacred to the secular—that is, images and subjects that even the common person could understand and appreciate. The desire to surpass the achievements of artists from the past became almost an obsession during the Renaissance and High Renaissance, and many similarities can be seen by examining the works created during that time. The perfection of the human form was extensively studied during the Renaissance, and artists went to great lengths to depict it accurately. Until the Renaissance, there had been few, if any, nude sculptures or paintings done since antiquity. One painting that clearly draws from Ancient Greece would be Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (15 th century). The subject is Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. In the painting, she has just been born from a shell and is nude. However, she has the classical Greek Venus Puddica pose, that is a woman covering her naked self for modesty. The colors in the work are pastel and very serene, and stand to give the viewer a feeling of calm and happiness. When this painting of Venus is compared to the ancient
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Arthistorymakeup2 - Christine Castellano March 3rd, 2007...

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