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Name:______________________________ TA: ________________ Section: ____ C OLLECTIONS L AB L IMENITIS B UTTERFLIES PRE-EXERCISE QUESTIONS Due at beginning of Lab, November 13-15, 2007 1) What is a primary hybrid zone? A secondary hybrid zone? What are the fundamental ways in which they differ? A primary hybrid zone occurs in place within a continually distributed population and forms during the process of ecological speciation, which refers to the idea that selection due to ecological factors is directly causing the observed patterns of divergence. A secondary hybrid zone forms when two formerly allopatric populations of a species meet again and can still interbreed. Clinal variation reflects selection along an environmental gradient in a primary hybrid zone, whereas in a secondary hybrid zone, clinal variation is produced when two populations come into contact regardless of environmental changes. Also, in a primary hybrid zone, clines for different independent characters will occur in different geographic
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EVOBIOanswersButterfly_pre_exercise - Name:_ TA:_Section:_

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