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BIO101 Ex1_comments_2005

BIO101 Ex1_comments_2005 - BioG 101 Cornell University EXAM...

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BioG 101 Cornell University Exam 1 comments 1 Sept. 26, 2005 EXAM 1 Comments Average score = 39.75 out of a possible 53 points (= 75.00 %) Standard deviation = 6.66 points (12.57%) This first prelim will count for about 22% of your final grade in BioG 101 Correct answers (including alternate answers accepted) # pts ans # pts ans # pts ans # pts ans 1 1 A 2 1 C 3 1 E 4 1 D 5 1 E 6 1 all 7 2 C 8 1 A 9 1 D 10 1 B 11 1 C 12 1 A 13 1 B 14 2 D 15 2 A 16 2 C 17 2 all 18 1 B 19 1 E 20 1 D 21 1 A 22 1 D 23 1 A 24 1 D 25 2 B 26 1 C 27 1 E 28 1 E 29 1 C 30 1 A 31 1 B 32 2 D 33 2 A 34 2 A C 35 2 E 36 2 A D 37 2 E 38 2 B 39 1 B 40 1 B Check your grade. A copy of your op-scan sheet will be handed back to you in laboratory next week. Make sure that you go over your answers with the above answer key to be sure that your score agrees with our records. It is your responsibility to report any errors to the office in 1140 Comstock hall. Please be aware that the op-scan machine rarely makes mistakes, so double check if you think your test is scored incorrectly. General comments. About 20 students attended the oral review of the exam, held on Friday, September 23 rd , 2005, and made good comments about the exam and the wording of several of the questions. The comments were all carefully noted. There were also about 25 e-mails about the exam questions. I was impressed by the clarity and logic behind many of these queries and comments, and as you will see in the comments below, I have accepted alternative answers in some cases, but not all. When I was persuaded that there was a valid case for misinterpretation of the question, or an alternative that I had not previously considered I have accepted alternative answers. In some cases, I have accepted all answers because a subject was either poorly taught or worded in such a way as to be unanswerable. I value reasoning in the classroom, in my laboratory, and among my scientific colleagues. In all cases where you have provided feedback, I appreciate the time you took to give it, since it is the feedback like this that ultimately leads to better teaching, less confusing exams, and better understanding. I thank all students who took the time to provide write or attend the oral review. What does your grade mean? First, only your numeric score is recorded in our grade book. You will not receive a letter score for this exam. Only at the end of the semester will we compute your total numeric score using a formula derived from the course information handout and only then
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BioG 101 Cornell University Exam 1 comments 2 Sept. 26, 2005 convert it to a letter grade. For now, we provide you with the mean and standard deviation for the entire class. You should also know that our course average for several years has been between C+ and B-. If you consider that university guidelines suggest that an A is 90 to 100% while a B is 80 to 90% etc, then a grade of 80% would be in the low B range. I attempt to write examinations that test the material fairly without curving the course grades. I would prefer to have students avoid competing with each other for
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