POLI 1001 SG 4

POLI 1001 SG 4 - had to sacrifice in order to appease...

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18. Identify the following: Aegisthus Clytmnestra’s Lover in Agamemnon’s 10 yr absence to Troy Agamemnon King of Greece, killed by Aegisthus, defeated Troy, his ship only survivor of storm at sea on trip home from troy Menelaus Agamemnon’s Brother, married to Helen of Troy, Killed by Hector Helen Wife of Menelaus, Taken by Paris back to Troy…Face that launched a thousand ships. Clytemnestra Wife of Agamemnon, mother of Orestes, she took Aegisthus as a lover for Revenge on Agamemnon for Killing their daughter as a sacrifice to the gods. Orestes Avenges his father Agamemnon by killing his mother Clytemnestra, and is later pursued by the Furies Pylades Pylades (IPA: / p ˈ ɪ l di z/ ə ː , Gk. Πυλάδης) is the son of King Strophius of Phocis and is mostly known for his strong friend- or homosexual relationship with Orestes . Iphigenia Iphigenia is best known as the daughter Agamemnon , leader of the Greek forces at Troy,
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Unformatted text preview: had to sacrifice in order to appease Artemis . Agamemnon, or perhaps one of the troops in the Greek force of Menelaus (the brother of Agamemnon) offended Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt either by killing one of her sacred animals and/or by boasting immoderately that his hunting skill exceeded even that of Artemis. Artemis sent a contrary wind, which held the Greek fleet in the bay of Aulis, where it had assembled before sailing to Troy. The prophet Calchas divined that the daughter of Agamemnon would have to be sacrificed to atone for the offence. Agamemnon then summoned Iphigenia from home under the ruse that she was to be married to Achilles . When the sacrifice was about to be made, however, Iphigenia is miraculously transported to Taurus, a city on the Black Sea, and an animal sent in her place. Cassandra Agamemnon’s Mistress, she prophsizes Agamemnon’s death...
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POLI 1001 SG 4 - had to sacrifice in order to appease...

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