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EnvirResourceEcon - HW 1 - Melody Chu Environmental&...

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Unformatted text preview: Melody Chu September 19, 2008 Environmental & Resource Economics Homework #1 1) Economic growth and sound environmental policy do not always conflict necessarily, but oftentimes there has to be some give on the side of economic growth in order to establish sound environmental policy. CHOICE There has been a sacrifice on the environment side in the Asiatic region, where economic growth fueled by resource intensive industries. Severe air pollution and the destruction of gross amounts of natural vegetation are the more notable of the consequences. Since countries like China have been growing at mind-boggling paces for the past several years without regard to ecological sustainability, they now face the huge task of cleaning up. If the countries’ goal is to maintain double digit rates of growth, it will be near impossible to do so without the environment suffering. The burning of fossil fuels and coal are what drive their massive production factories and give off waste and harmful particles in the process of extracting their energy. The Asiatic countries, most of which have large impoverished working classes and profit margins are already low, people do...
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EnvirResourceEcon - HW 1 - Melody Chu Environmental&...

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