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RR 9/24/08 For three days, I meditated for the first time in my life. I set aside ten minutes each day and escaped from all distractions. The first day, I found it so difficult to zone in and think about nothing. My mind is always on the go, even if I’m not. My day-to-day routine never includes self-reflection. I’m busy with schoolwork, classes, e-boards and friends. Even during the little leisure time that I do have, I feel obligated to watch certain television shows. I could barely even wrap my mind around the idea of doing nothing for ten minutes without falling asleep. I’m an introvert so I do tend to spend most of my time thinking. However, thinking and meditating are two completely different things. Saying that my mind races, instead of thinks, would probably more closely match what goes on in my head. The word I chose to say as I exhaled was “love.” Love is something that crosses my mind daily; whether it is love for others, for God, or for me. Being in love, self-love, love of life,
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Unformatted text preview: love of family, love of friends, romantic love are all things that creep up in my dreams, day dreams, and daily thoughts, so naturally it was the first word that came to mind. On the first day, I tried to be serious and think only of the word “love.” As soon as I thought I could keep my flow of thought, something funny that happened the previous day would pop into my mind. I grew disappointed in myself, but still interested. The second day got easier, and the random thoughts grew less in number. The third day I actually looked forward to my meditation and found it, again, easier than the previous attempt. After meditating, I felt as if my mind was no longer racing and that I was finally relaxed for a change. I realized that although life does seem like a hustle and bustle, it is imperative to take time out for you. I also decided to keep up with my meditation in order to clear my mind, and hopefully to more easily reach my self-actualization....
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