Deviant Transactions

Deviant Transactions - - Kinky sexes like BDSM,...

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Deviance Lecture November 7, 2005 Deviant Transactions Transactional Forms 1. Individual Deviance (sexual asphyxia) - They do this to themselves, for themselves, by themselves, on themselves - Rapist is an example of loner deviance that is not individual deviance - Loner deviants can have a victim while individual deviants cannot - Transvestites or cross dressers are individual deviants but not loner deviants because they have a deviant sub culture - The homeless are another example like transvestites, anorexia, bulimia 2. Deviant Exchange - Two people coordinate their deviant activities with each other hoping to give something and get something out of it - There is no victim
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Unformatted text preview: - Kinky sexes like BDSM, homosexuality- Prostitution, Drug dealing 3. Deviant Exploitation Minimum Organizational Requirements 1. 1 person in a deviant role 2. 2 people in cooperative deviant roles 3. 2 actors with opposed interests in conflict (A minimum of one person in the deviant role: offender. And a minimum of one person in the non-deviant role: victim) Individual Deviance- Shaped by social relationships with others- Shaped by person’s socialization, their class and gender socialization- Shaped by the anticipated actions and reactions of others 3 sub-forms Attitude: a systematic set of beliefs (religions) Behavioral Conditional...
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