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September 8 2008 (What Is Social Psychology Pt.2)

September 8 2008 (What Is Social Psychology Pt.2) - The...

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Sociology – September 8, 2008 What Is Social Psychology? (cont.) Impact of Urban School Relocation - The place: City of Hefei and a rural area called Bin Hu Xin Qu. - The problem and the strategy for dealing with it. - The types of questions a city planner would ask compared with the types of questions a social psychologist would ask. A Formal Definition of Social Psychology - Personal Experience and Common Sense - Things we learn by noting what happens when we interact with others in everyday life - The Scientific Method - Formulating theories, collecting data, and testing hypotheses - Hypotheses as “if….then” propositions.
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Unformatted text preview: - The Systematic study of the nature and causes of human social behavior- Systematic = scientific- Nature = descriptive- Causes = explanatory- Behavior = thoughts, feelings, and actions The Core Concerns of Social Psychology-Impact of individuals on individuals-Impact of groups on individuals-Impact of individuals on groups-Impact of groups on groups Relation to other Fields -Sociology- scientific study of society-Psychology- scientific study of individuals-Social Psychology as combining elements of both Linking the individual and the society....
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