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Sept. 15 (theories on social psych cont.)

Sept. 15 (theories on social psych cont.) - -Example...

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Sociology – September 15, 2008 Theories For Social Psychology (cont.) Role Theory - Assumptions: “All the world is a stage” o If we know “who is who” in the cast, then we can make sense out of what is going on o Key concepts: role expectations, role salience, role conflict Limits of Role Theory - Role expectations are limited to specific contexts. - What if you encounter the absent minded professor in a supermarket? Other Limits of Role Theory - Roles do provide “shortcuts to familiarity” but they are superficial o Who is the person behind the role? o Adults play multiple roles - Roles are most salient in formal relationships o Less so for informal ones, e.g. friendships where they are fewer “shortcuts to familiarity.” Reinforcement Theory - Assumption: person act rationally based on self interest - Key concepts: rewards and costs, approval and disapproval
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Unformatted text preview: -Example: personal relationship choices-Limits: equity in relationships Cognitive Theory-Assumption: people act based no how they think about the social world-Key concepts: attitudes, beliefs, cognitive consistency-Example: attitude consistency in relationships-Limits: irrational beliefs also important o Depression Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-Getting rid of irrational beliefs o Avoiding conflict o Being liked by everyone o Avoiding failure o Being perfect Symbolic Interaction Theory-Assumptions: how do we know ourselves? Self knowledge arises out of social interaction-Concepts: Identity, “Looking Glass Self”; the reactions of others-Example: research on bi-cultural socialization o Family, school, and community o Measuring ethnic identity...
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Sept. 15 (theories on social psych cont.) - -Example...

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