Sept 24 2008 (Research)

Sept 24 2008 (Research) - Factors Hypothesized to Affect...

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Research Achieving Research Objectives - Qualitative data o Participant observation o In depth interviewing - Quantitative data o “variable analysis” Structured interviews Questionnaires Variable Analysis - Specify the variables - Measure the variables o Asking the same people the same questions using the same response categories o Assigning numbers (codes) to their responses o Constructing scales and indices - Identity correlations among the variables o Testing hypotheses Dimensions of Ethnic Identity - Ethnic self-identification - Ethnic salience - Ethnic comfort - Ethnic attitudes - Ethnic talk Ethnic Salience - How Important to you is: o Having been born in China? 66% somewhat or very important o Getting to know other kids adopted from China? 48% somewhat or very important o Getting to know kids whose parents are Chinese or Chinese- American? 27% somewhat or very important o Visiting the place where you were born in China? 70% somewhat or very important
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Unformatted text preview: Factors Hypothesized to Affect the Salience of Ethnic Identity-Family o Parents attitudes toward bicultural socialization (.18) o Household structure siblings o Parents social networks FCC (not significant) Other Factors Affecting Ethnic Identity-Outside of the family o School celebrates Chinese holidays (.18) o Opportunities to make friends with Chinese-American youth (.13)-Racism o Sometimes feel that people mistreat you as inferior because of your race (.15) o Sometimes feel teased or put down because of your Chinese appearance (.15) Outcomes of ethnic identity-The parent-youth relationship o Happy my family adopted (.20) me but also sad that I do not know my birth parents (.47) Interpretation-Exploring pre-adoption history o Upset (.26), sad (.36); confused (.17, no emotion (-.22), not interested (-29), accepting (-.12) Interpretation...
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Sept 24 2008 (Research) - Factors Hypothesized to Affect...

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