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History 40a Midterm Study Questions Fall 2006 Our midterm on Friday, October 27, will have two parts. Part I asks you to very briefly identify and state the significance of the terms or names below. Three of them will appear on the midterm and you will have to ID/signify two of them. In Part II you will have to write an essay in response to one of the following questions. I will decide which question, so it would be best to prepare for all of them. You must bring a bluebook to class . No books or notes will be allowed. Part I: Identify and Significance : (20%) Cahokia Pueblo Revolt Jamestown Cabeza de Vaca Thomas Morton Mary Rowlandson Anne Hutchinson Rebecca Nurse Pequot War Bacon’s Rebellion Richard Frethorne The Middle Passage Tobacco Part II: Essay Questions : (80%) Compare and contrast the British and Spanish imperial enterprises in the Americas up to the early 1700s. Please consider these nations’ goals, practices, and achievements in the New World. What factors
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