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Unformatted text preview: Management 325 Class #1 Dr. Jonelle Roth Michigan State University History of Management in General Scientific Management Adam Smith, job specialization and division of labor Frederick Taylor's 4 Principles: Study the way workers perform their tasks to increase efficiency. Codify the new methods of performing tasks into written work rules and SOP's. Carefully select workers so that their skills and abilities match the demands of the job. Establish a fair or acceptable level of performance and develop a pay system that rewards performance above this level. History of Management in General Scientific Management cont... Administrative Management and Weber's Bureaucracy. Behavioral Management Theory Mary Parker Follett Hawthorne Studies Henry Ford and the conveyor belt. Gilbreth's Time/Motion Studies What happened? Jobs became repetitive and workers became dissatisfied. The goal was to create an organizational setting to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. SO WHAT?!!!!! Organizations are still concerned with maximizing productivity and efficiency. Organizations are still bureaucratic. Organizations are still challenged by social dynamics in the workplace. Work environment still changing! ...
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