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Section: Customer Perspective Critical Success Factor: Market Share Measurement: Percentage of market share against the group of 10 U.S. carriers 2007- 10.34% (Actual number taken from The Dallas Morning News website) Related Fact: In 2006, Southwest held a market share of 10.13%. Compared with year 2007, there is a 0.22% gain in market share. Explanation: Percentage of market share can be served as a good measurement for its service to customers, because it directly shows how many potential customers have selected Southwest instead of other U.S. airlines. A high percentage of market share like 10.34% means Southwest has provided superior services which satisfy its customer to choose Southwest as their priority airlines. Section:
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Unformatted text preview: Customer Perspective Critical Success Factor: Customer Growth Rate Measure: Percentage Change of Enplaned Passengers Between First Quarter in 2008 and First Quarter in 2007 7.9 %( actual number taken off from Southwest Airline website) Related Fact: 24,708,612 enplaned customer in first quarter of 2008 and 22,903,073 customers in first quarter of 2008 Explanation: An increase in percentage of enplaned passengers is implying that Southwest has gained more customers due to their improved services or attractive ticket prices. Heading toward a high customer growth rate will make sure Southwest keep upgrading its services to its customers. This increased number of customers, in turn, also expands the company....
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