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wiccan questions - -Do Wiccans believe in heaven and...

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Try to elaborate as much as possible. -In a nutshell, what do Wiccans believe? -What is often misunderstood about Wiccans? -Do stereotypes about the Wiccan religion bother or upset you? -Confirm or deny any negative connotations associated with Wiccans. -Confirm or deny any positive connotations associated with Wiccans. -Do Wiccans have religious services? If so, what are they called? Do you attend? -Is being Wiccan radically different from mainstream religions like Christianity, Judaism or Islam? If not, why not? If so, how? -Is there anything in your religion that you disagree with? -Would you advocate your religion to others? -What similarities are there between Wicca and witchcraft? -What differences are there between Wicca and witchcraft? -How do people generally react when they find out you are Wiccan? -Do Wiccans pray or believe in a higher power?
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Unformatted text preview: -Do Wiccans believe in heaven and hell?-What is one thing about your religion that affects you in daily life?-Have you ever doubted your religion?-Would you marry someone that wasn’t Wiccan? If so, would you change your religion to suite their tastes? Would you try to convert them to your religion?-Will your children be raised Wiccan?-Were you raised as a Wiccan? If not, how did you find out about it? What made you decide to convert?-Does the Wiccan religion involve magic? Please elaborate as much as possible, including personal experiences.-How would you go about converting to Wiccan? Are the members welcoming?-Are there Wiccan holidays?-If your family is not Wiccan, have you told them that you are? Do they support your beliefs? Do you find people that do not?-What is most important to you about your religion?-Anything else?...
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wiccan questions - -Do Wiccans believe in heaven and...

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