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Notes Associational Form - 2 No they can do their deviant...

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Deviance Lecture October 26, 2005 Forms of Deviant Association Associational Form: (5 types) 1. Loners 2. Colleagues 3. Peers 4. Crews 5. Formal Organizations Mutual Association: 1. No, They do not get to talk to other people. They do not get the support of fellow deviants or practical advice and suggestions. They do not learn the rationalizations, justifications, and legitimations of how to be deviant and why their deviance is ok. They are the most likely to subscribe to the norms and values of the dominant culture. They have no subculture and for this reason they are also most likely to be ashamed of their deviance. 2. Yes, they have all the benefits of a deviant subculture. They have people they can hang around, and get advice from. 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes Mutual Participation: Requires participation from a fellow deviant in order to commit the deviant act 1. No, they are all by themselves.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. No, they can do their deviant act on their own. 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes Elaborate Division of Labor: Dividing the roles, role specialization. Gun holder, getaway driver, money stealer 1. No, they commit their deviance by themselves. 2. No for the reason above. 3. No, but maybe a minimal division of labor 4. Yes 5. Yes Extended Organization Over Time and Space: 1. No 2. No 3. No 4. No 5. Yes. It lasts for a while and they have affiliates in other places. Examples: 1. Self-injury, anorexia and bulimia, pedophiles 2. Drug Use, Individual thieves, prostitutes, homeless 3. Gamblers, Homosexuality, Drug Dealers who sell to other drug dealers, gangs 4. Like the groups in Ocean’s Eleven, Heat, Mission: Impossible, mainly like bank robbers 5. Drug Cartels, Mafia, any group like this that is formed for the purpose of making money....
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Notes Associational Form - 2 No they can do their deviant...

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