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Junta- Elite- Genre- category Guise- Wunderkind- Misogynist-one who dislikes women Misanthrope-one who distrusts people Fete-a day of celebration or holiday Largesse-a generous bestowal of gifts Connoisseur-an expert judge in fine arts Protégé-a person who is being cared for by someone else Pique-to stimulate or curiosity Kiosk-small structure having one or more open sides used as a newsstand, refreshment stand, bandstand, etc. Tactile-perceptible to be touched Vindicate-to clear from suspicion Morbid-unwholesomely gloomy Maudlin-foolishly sentimental Apropos-at an appropriate time Foible-a flaw in character Milieu- surroundings of a social or cultural nature Shaman- A member of certain tribal societies who acts as a medium between the visible world and an invisible spirit world and who practices magic or sorcery for purposes of healing, divination, and control over natural events. (similar to magician) Waif- a stray; something that’s owner is unknown Avant-garde- daring, ahead of the curve Baroque- extravagant; overdone too fancy Ambience- atmosphere of an environment
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WORDS - JuntaEliteGenre- category...

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