Deviance - Arguments Against Legalizing Prostitution •...

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Deviance Deviance is a relative, not an absolute Deviance is integral in all societies Homophobia – the fear and loathing of homosexuality Prostitution – the act of selling sexual favors for money or goods, in which the primary motivation for the prostitute is neither sexual or affection. In existence since recorded history and continues to flourish today Pimp – one who earns all or part of his/her living by acting as a manger or procurer for a prostitute Levels of Prostitution 1. Escorts , or call girls and call boys , earn higher fees and have more selectively in working conditions and customers 2. Hustlers, strippers, and table dancers work out of clubs, bars and strip joints; they negotiate sexual favors with potential customers 3. House girls work in brothels, massage parlors, or other businesses 4. Streetwalkers publicly solicit customers and charge by the “trick” 5. Women and men addicted to crack cocaine trade sex for crack
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Unformatted text preview: Arguments Against Legalizing Prostitution • Critics of legalization argue that legalizing prostitution does not stop the health and crime problems associated with prostitution but simply pushes it into illegal trade Sexually Transmitted Diseases • Chlamydia – 3 million • Trichomoniasis – 5 million • Other STDs – 2.45 million • Venereal Warts – 1 million • Gonorrhea – 359,000 • Genital Herpes – 500,000 • AIDS – 40,000 • Syphilis – 31, 600 Pornography • Graphic depiction of sexual behavior through pictures or words in a manner intended to be sexually arousing Obscenity • The legal term for pornographic materials that are offensive by generally accepted standards of decency Erotica • Material depicting consensual sexual activities that are sought by and pleasurable to all parties involved...
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Deviance - Arguments Against Legalizing Prostitution •...

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