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3010 notes 9-4 - Mc 3010The Evolution of Public...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-4-07Mc 3010The Evolution of Public RelationsWhy history?-memory of things said and done-physical, cultural roots-provides directionWhy PR history?-PR sense of itself-PR in popular culture-PR as newsUltimate goal-stabilize definition-ground pr in ethical foundation-provide a genealogy of ideas and actions that can inform practice-introspectionU.S. focus“Public relations is not a peculiarly American phenomenon, but it has nowhere flourished as in the United States. Nowhere else is it so widely practiced, so lucrative, so pretentious, so respectable and disreputable, so widely suspected and so extravagantly extolled”Roots-Julius Caesar-Catholic Church-recruitment to the 13 colonies-flyers-King’s College (Columbia U)Commencement, 1758=First Press release-Andrew Jackson- hired press secretary-Davy Crockett- got people out into the westTraditional Model1850-1900-press agentry/publicity – not always trueKeyword: promotionOne-way(sourcereciever)Key practitioner:P.T. Barnum-Ballyhoo- “Come out and see the famous monkey fish boy”...
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3010 notes 9-4 - Mc 3010The Evolution of Public...

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