eligious uestions

eligious uestions - HOW DO YOU LIVE YOUR RELIGION AT LSU?...

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HOW DO YOU LIVE YOUR RELIGION AT LSU??? Do you regularly attend church? Did you regularly attend before college? Yes. Yeah I regularly attended church before I went to college and since I’ve been here I’ve continued that. Baptists are stereotyped as interpreting the Bible too literally. Do you think this is true? No because I think everyone has stereotypes about every religion. Although some people may interpret the bible too literally, that doesn’t mean that all Baptists do. Basically just because we have a different religion and we think a different way, that doesn’t mean its wrong. Baptists are stereotyped as believing that there is only one truth, and believing that they have it. How do you feel about this statement? Not at my church, it’s like you from the Methodist church? How you doin? We’re southern Baptist, we’re laid back, easy going, and we want to spread god’s word but we’re not going to force it on anyone. We’re not going to say its either my way or the highway. Baptists are stereotyped as being offensively aggressive in winning people to their faith. Do you know any Baptists that “come on too strong”? Some churches do. You just have to think about it, I’m sure people here are aggressive, but since we’re from the country…. . it’s kind of like the personalities of the people that you have that are going and
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eligious uestions - HOW DO YOU LIVE YOUR RELIGION AT LSU?...

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