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Chapter 1 - Sociology 2501 What is Sociology Sociology does...

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What is Sociology? Sociology does not focus on the mental or emotional states of individuals and; is not concerned with internal motivations for behavior Examines how factors external to individuals give rise to particular behaviors or situations and how social actors, through their membership in specific social groups, experience and interpret these behaviors and situations. Preliminary Definition of a Social Problem A problem is a social condition that has negative consequences for individuals, our social world, or our physical world Americans tend to turn social problems into personal problems and deal with them by trying to find who is at fault The sociological approach is often utilized to look at problem in a social perspective rather than as personal A social problem has objective and subjective realities o The objective reality of a social problem comes from acknowledging that a particular social condition does exist o The subjective reality of a social problem addresses how a problem becomes defined as a problem; this idea is based on the concept of the social construction of reality Four Elements of a Social Problem They cause physical or mental damage to individuals or society They offend the values or standards of some powerful segment of society They persist for an extended period of time They generate competing proposed solutions because of varying evaluations from groups in different social positions within society (delays reaching consensus on how to attack the problem) Majority vs. Marginalized Why is the opinion of the marginalized important in the analysis of social problems? o
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Chapter 1 - Sociology 2501 What is Sociology Sociology does...

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