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MC Notes 9-24

MC Notes 9-24 - What needs to be covered Here is the info...

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9-24-2007 _______ \ lede / \ / \ / \ / Inverted Pyramid - Top: LEDE. Leave out is known for, they did it. Sam smith invented the egg. First paragraph is ONE sentence. It has 25 or fewer words. Exists because reader has to look at one pyramid and get all the info they need. Everything else is written in descending order of importance. Decision making in journalism is referred to as “gatekeeper.” Source is your first gatekeeper. Reporter is most important gatekeeper. Editor is important because they make important decisions about what is cut out, rewritten, where things are placed, etc. Consumer is very powerful <- final gatekeeper. Agenda setting- gatekeeper’s role.. What needs to be covered.. Here is the info,
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Unformatted text preview: . What needs to be covered. . Here is the info, talk about it. If something isn’t covered it sometimes disappears. Stories should be BALANCED. Internet-public journals. Most media do not produce rumors because we try to keep credibility. Libertarian-similar to laissez faire. Concept before internet. Eliminates gatekeeping function. Traditional media feeds into idea of social responsibility. Media can print what they want but they are responsible for it. Source-attribution. Use time element. The City Council on Monday will decide the tax issue, the mayor said. IMPACT- oddity, conflict, prominence, timeliness, proximity...
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