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Psyc Notes - 1-10I)What is psychology?A Psychology is the...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-10I)What is psychology?A) Psychology is the science of the observable behavior and unobservable mental act of humans and other animalsII) Modern PsychologistA) Basic research vs. applicationB) Different careers in Psychology1)Clinical and counseling psychologist(a) What is a psychiatrist? A medical doctor gives prescriptions.2)Social psychologist- The way we act by environment3)Developmental psychologist4)Psychometrician5)Industrial- organizational psychologist6)School or educational psychologist7)Health psychologistsIII) Different perspectives on psychologyA) 3 perspectives1)Biological(a) Neurological(b) Genetic2)Mental – most theories reflect this pers.(a) Cognitive(i) Affective(b) Psychodynamic(i) Mental approach(c) Humanistic(i) Humans are all born with a unique potential(d) Socioculture3)Environmental(a) Socioculture (multicultural or cross cultural)(i) People act differently if raised in different cultures (b) Behavioral(i) Explains behavior with rewards and punishment, people do thing that lead to reward and away from punishment(c) Ex. Major depressive disorderIV)What is science?1)Trying to explain why things happens.A) Scientific Attitude1)Skepticism and critical thinking(a) What is the evidence?(b) What else could explain it?(i) Eg. Pheromone perfume2)Open-mindedness3)Objectivity(a) Not biased(i) Common biases•Confirmation bias•Placebo effect•Self-fulfilling prophecy1.Pheromone perfume2.Experimenter bias•Availability or vividness biasB) Scientific Cycle1)Involves observations, theories, and hypotheses(a) OBSERVATIONS(i) Behavior(b) Observations lead to THEORIES•Biological•Mental•Environmental(ii) Most theories are not testable(c) HYPOTHESES are generated by theories(i) Predictions (ii) Behavior(iii)Causes people to observe to see if the hypotheses are true2)Are theories “provable”?...
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Psyc Notes - 1-10I)What is psychology?A Psychology is the...

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