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A) Post-Natal development 1) Physical development (a) Motor skills (i) Learn gross motor skills first(big muscles); then fine little motor skills (b) Senses (i) Born with poor vision (ii) Senses not fully developed at birth (c) Neurological (i) Brain “growth spurt” a. Brain growth extremely quickly early in life. (ii) Neural demise a. If a neuron are not used early in life, they will die. 2) Cognitive development (a) Piaget’s theory of cognitive development (i) 2 basic types of learning a. assimilation vs. accommodation (ii) Stages of Piaget’s Theory a. Sensory-motor stages (0-2 years) Pick up info only through senses Hand eye coordination Achieve Object permanence b. Pre-operational stage (2-6 or 7) Can’t use logic Can think about objects they dont see Egocentrism a. Kids think what they see is what everyone sees. Animism a. everything that moves is alive Lack of conservation a. Two glasses of equal water – kid says same amount in both b. Pour one in a taller thinner tube- kid says the taller one has more even though it is the same amount c. Concrete operational stage (7-12) Conservation Reversibility Can only reason about concrete objects, not abstract d. Formal operational stage (puberty) You think everyone is paying attention to you. (iii) Evaluation of Piaget’s theory a. Stages or gradual change? His theory is a good order, but it is a more gradual change. b. Infant and math Infants have a basic understanding of math earlier than we used to think
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(b) Language development a. Language is the ability to communicate using symbolic items (words) b. Distinct to humans c.
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Psyc note - A) Post-Natal development 1) Physical...

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