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Getting Started with Your TI-83/84 Calculator Dr. Laura Schultz This course will rely heavily on using the TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator for statistical applications. I strongly advise that you acquire a 3-ring binder to store the calculator handouts that I will be distributing throughout the semester. This initial handout is intended to get you started using your calculator. Let’s begin by considering the heights (in inches) of a recent Rowan University men’s basketball team: Working with Lists 1. Enter the above data into a list named BBHT. Press S and then 1 to access the stat editor. Insert a new list to the left of L 1 by highlighting L 1 and then pressing `d . You will be prompted at the bottom of the screen to enter the name of the new list; all list names must start with a letter and cannot exceed 5 digits. For this example, type BBHT and press e . Proceed to enter the given height data into this list. When you are finished, check over your entries to make sure they are all correct, and then press `M to return to the home screen. 2. It is often useful to sort a data list in ascending order (lowest to highest). Let’s sort our BBHT list in ascending order. Press S and use ; to scroll down to 2:SortA( . Press e , and you will return to the home screen. Type in the name of the list you want to sort and then press ) e . If you wanted to sort the data stored in L 1 , you would type `1 to enter L 1 into the command line. When you are working with a named list, the procedure is slightly more complicated. For this example, press `S to access the 9 menu. Then, scroll down to BBHT and press e . Doing so will paste L BBHT into the sort command. Press ) e , and your calculator will tell you that it is done sorting the list. 3. Let’s take a look at the sorted list. Press S and then 1 to return to the stat editor. Use ; to scroll down to view all the entries in your data list. Take a moment to find the mode(s) for the data set. The height value that appears the most frequently is 75 , so the mode of this data set is 75 inches. 4.
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Basics_StatI - Getting Started with Your TI-83/84...

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