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w6 review questions - Unit 6 Week Six Week 6 Review...

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Unit 6: Week Six - Week 6 Review Questions Help 1. Which law mandated the separation of investment and commercial banking? (Points: 1) Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act McFadden Act Glass-Steagall Act none of the above 2. A security offering that raises capital for firms is called a(n) (Points: 1) primary security offering secondary security offering securitization all of the above 3. A bank that helps firms to acquire external capital is called a (Points: 1) commercial bank savings bank investment bank credit union 4. Which of the following is not considered an advantage of going public? (Points: 1) new capital for the company listed stock for use as compensation stock price emphasis personal wealth and liquidity 5. Bavarian Brewhouse is planning on going public. Under the underwriting agreement the underwriting discount is 7.25%. If the offering price of the stock is set at $12.50 per share, what is the per share proceeds that Bavarian will receive? (Points: 1) $11.59 $10.67 $13.41 $12.50 6. The uncertainty caused by the variability of a firm's cash flows is called . . . (Points: 1)
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w6 review questions - Unit 6 Week Six Week 6 Review...

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