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ECE 475 – Lab Zero Not Graded Objective The purpose of Lab Zero is to familiarize you with our Verilog simulator. You will be asked to write Verilog modules for a byte adder, an eight-bit adder/subtracter, an eight-bit counter, a digital clock, and two finite state machines. You are not required to submit this project, as it will not be graded. Logging in One of the groups of computers that will be used in this course is called ph329 running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. These are located in Phillips Hall 329 Lab. The other group is called amdpool, which can be accessed remotely . To request an ECE account for these computer systems, please visit (please note the https ). You can directly work on ph329 computers from the PH329 Lab. Remote access (SSH) to these machines is not recommended and unavailable outside of the ECE network. Remote login (while inside the ECE net- work) can be done over the SSH protocol by connecting to the host, where XX is replaced with any number from 01 to 36. Note that no food or drink is allowed in the lab. For printing, use the lab in Phillips Hall 318. Please notify [email protected] if there is any problem with the lab. To work remotely, use amdpool over SSH, by connecting to Remote access is possible both from inside and outside of the ECE network. If a computer system is to be running slowly or not responding, please do try another one. You can use an SSH program, such as PuTTY ( , simply download the PuTTY version appropriate for your operating system). Unix and Mac OS X users may use their built-in SSH client through their command line – the correct command is typically: ssh [email protected] . ECE 475 Lab Environment If you have the default ~/.cshrc file, there is nothing to do as environments are already set up for ECE 475. Otherwise, you need to add the /classes/ece475/bin folder to your path and set several other Cadence environment variables. To do so: 1. Open the ~/.cshrc file with your favorite editor (e.g., vi or emacs). 2. Find a line starting with set path = (… 3. Add /classes/ece475/bin to the list of directories in that line. 4. Entirely delete any line that starts setenv MANPATH . If you don‘t have one, that‘s fine. 5. After the set path line, add setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /classes/ece475/lib 6. Save the file. 7. Type source ~/.cshrc to re-process the script. (This script is executed once every time you log in.) 8. If things do not work, try deleting ~/.cshrc file, and log in again.
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Quick Unix Review Basic Commands cd dir - Changes the current folder to dir . ls - Lists files in the current folder. ls -l
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Lab_Zero_08_09 - ECE 475 Lab Zero Not Graded Objective The...

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