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Discussion WS _1 Key - GR Gr gR gr Gr GGRr GGrr GgRr Ggrr...

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Name ______ KEY ________________________________________ UTEID_________ Group Name______________________________________ Discussion Section______ Genetics Discussion Session Worksheet #1 1. You’re given a fly ( Drosophila ) with Purple eyes, a dominant trait (P) to White eyes (p). How would you determine if the fly was PP or Pp? Perform a test cross: cross fly with unknown genotype to a homozygous recessive fly “pp.” Phenotypic ratios will help you determine the genotype of the fly. 1 purple:1 white – unknown genotype is Pp All purple – unknown genotype is PP 2. Two black guinea pigs were mated and over several years produced 29 black and 9 white offspring. Explain these results, giving the genotypes of the parents and progeny. 29:9 is close to 3:1, suggesting both parents are heterozygous. Black genotypes are BB and Bb. The white genotype is bb. B b B BB Bb b Bb bb 3. Draw a Punnett Square for the dihybrid cross between individuals with genotypes GgRr and Ggrr. What is the frequency of the genotype that is homozygous at both loci?
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Unformatted text preview: GR Gr gR gr Gr GGRr GGrr GgRr Ggrr Gr GGRr GGrr GgRr Ggrr gr GgRr Ggrr ggRr ggrr gr GgRr Ggrr ggRr ggrr ¼ of offspring are homozygous at both loci 4. Below is a sample pedigree for a fictional trait: orange eye color. Circles represent females and squares represent males. Filled symbols represent individuals who have orange eyes. a. What are the genotypes for each individual? You can write this next to the symbol on the pedigree. Please use the symbols (E) for dominant and (e) for recessive alleles. b. What is the inheritance pattern for this trait? Orange eyes are dominant. c. If individual 3b has children with a normal individual (one with eyes that aren’t orange), what are the possible genotypes for those offspring? What are the probabilities of each genotype? E e 3b is Ee. A normal individual is “ee.” The possible phenotypes are e Ee ee Ee and ee, with a 50% probability of each. e Ee ee...
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Discussion WS _1 Key - GR Gr gR gr Gr GGRr GGrr GgRr Ggrr...

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