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Syllabus math 112 - Math 112 Fall 2008 Functions and...

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Fall 2008 Functions and Algebraic Methods Instructor: Eric Kean Office: Bond Hall 182 Phone: 650-4271 E-Mail: Office Hours: Monday,Thursday 1:00-1:50pm Tuesday, Wednesday 12:00-12:50pm Text: Functions and Algebraic Methods Calculator: You will not need a calculator for this class. Course Goal To lay the mathematical groundwork for the student who will encounter mathematics in any of their other university classes. Through the process of learning the skills in this class, you will also improve your ability to analyze and solve problems, develop your mathematical sense, and expand your mind by using it in ways that you wouldn’t normally use it on a daily basis. For a list of the skills that you will learn in this class, please see the last page of the syllabus. Attendance You are expected to come to class ready to learn. This means that you are attentive and non-disruptive during lectures. It also means that you have done some preparation for the lecture. You’ve got to keep up with the material since a lot of mathematics builds on previous concepts; in order to gain anything from the current lecture you should have worked on the previous night’s homework in addition to spending a couple of minutes reviewing the concepts from class. If for any reason it is not possible to attend a particular lecture, it is your responsibility to get the notes and find out what was covered. It is also advisable to visit the tutorial center so that you don’t fall behind. Homework You will receive homework almost every lecture. This homework will not be collected. It is your responsibility to work enough problems so that you feel comfortable with the material. At the beginning of each class, I will put the numbers of the assigned problems up on the board. Before class begins, you should mark off which problems you had difficulties solving. I will then go over the problems
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Syllabus math 112 - Math 112 Fall 2008 Functions and...

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