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Study Guide for Quiz _1 - 1.4 Absolute Value Do you know...

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Study Guide for Quiz #1 ****Remember to focus on what your weaknesses are… ****You should study 2 days for the quiz, not just the night before… 1.2 Real Numbers Can you tell the difference between natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, and irrational numbers? Can you sketch sets on the number line? What is the difference between “and”/”or”? 1.3 Making Words/Sentences Can you add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions? Can you reduce fractions to simplest form?
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Unformatted text preview: 1.4 Absolute Value Do you know the orders of operation? What does |x| mean? How about |a-b|? Can you solve absolute value equations? Write absolute value equations in English? 2.1 Exponential Relations What are the properties of exponents? 2.2 Integer exponents How do we handle negative exponents? An exponent of 0? 2.3 Polynomials Can you factor a polynomial? What about combining like terms and then factoring?...
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