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CH2 - READING EVALUATION SHEET Student Name Article Author...

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READING EVALUATION SHEET Student Name: Article Author and Title: Edmund L. Gettier; “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?” What is the purpose of the article? (One sentence in your own words, include page number indicating where the author stated his purpose for writing the article) To prove that “sufficient conditions” for proving a certain proposition are not sufficient and therefore make the proposition false (p. 168-169) Make your own outline of the article: (Outline format) -Supposedly sufficient conditions that are believed to make a proposition true are actually false. Nullifying one case, nullifies the rest. -(a) S knows P because P is true, S believes it, and therefore S is justified in that belief. -Example: Smith and Jones have applied for a job and Smith knows that (b) Jones will get the job and he has ten coins in his pocket. Smith believes this because the President told him Jones would get the job. This means (c) The man who will get the job has ten coins in his pocket. (c) is actually true of Smith too and he is actually selected. In that case, (a) is proven
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