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READING EVALUATION SHEET Student Name: Article Author and Title: John Perry; “A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality” What is the purpose of the article? (One sentence in your own words, include page number indicating where the author stated his purpose for writing the article) To prove that survival after the death of the body is possible (p. 368). Make your own outline of the article: (Outline format) -To survive means that there is anticipation and that a person (yourself) will experience all the senses and have a memory. This connection between anticipation and memory makes up the identity. -According to Weirob, after the death of the body we cease to exist. -We cannot claim to survive after death in the form of a soul (immortality) because a soul is something we cannot see or sense and its explanation is only reached through inductive reasoning. (Same body, same self). -The argument that we survive as some heavenly body is just imaginative. Memory alone also does not ensure identity. -At the end of the second night, Weirob still reasons that she is a live body and when that body
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