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Final Study Guide for ANT 2585 Race

Final Study Guide for ANT 2585 Race - Study Guide for ANT...

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Study Guide for ANT 2585 Race Final December 14, 2007 I am often asked by students about the best way to prepare for an exam in my courses. Most often, I find that they are taking notes and doing the readings without giving much ‘active’ thought to the reasons why topics are covered and the goals of the course. This makes it harder to organize the material in ways that help you to understand it and retain it. Also, be aware that I write exams that are designed to represent the full range of the materials covered and I try to distribute the points such that no one topic is emphasized to the exclusion of the others. Of course, some points are more critical to the course goals and they may get emphasized a bit more. So here are my suggestions: 1. To prepare for this exam, begin by going over the syllabus and the list of topics for each day since the midterm exam. Then go to your class notes and review them, thinking about what they focus upon. My lectures typically build from the historical perspective to present day understandings. Think about how our ways of
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  • Fall '08
  • different groups, Phillipe Rushton Polygenism, Wimpy White Male, valid racial prejudices, Limbry Phillipe Rushton Polygenism Hottentot Venus Herbert Spencer Buck

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