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303-chapter2 - I tried internet explorer and it appeared as...

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CHAPTER 2 ASSIGNMENTS DUE 9/09/08 You are going to have plenty of time – but don’t put it off too long because I will not take late work!!!!! READ CHAPTER TWO DO THE REVIEW QUESTIONS ON PAGES 96-97 DO PROJECT 2-2 PAGE 98 2-3 PAGE 98 2-6 PAGE 100 CASE PROJECTS 2-1 AND 2-2 PAGES 103 – 104. 1. C 2. False 3. Cache Controller 4. Windows Server 2003 5. Control 6. False 7. D 8. Plug and Play 9. C 10. 2000 11. Home, Professional, Tablet PC, Media Center, and 64-Bit 12. False 13. BSD, SVR4 14. GNOME 15. True 16. 3.06 billion 17. Mac OSX Version 10.3 Panther 18. B 19. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 20. G5 21. RISC-based EPIC processor 2-2 No It is also in the task manager, there is 2095480 total physical memory 117220 2-3 There is a lot displayed below. This device is working properly. If you are having problems with this device, click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter. No No 2-6
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Microsoft Windows 95 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Microsoft Windows 98 / Windows Me Microsoft Windows 2000
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Unformatted text preview: I tried internet explorer and it appeared as though none of the compatibility settings worked for when I chose the settings and pushed next nothing happened, but I was asked if the compatibility mode worked or not. Case 2-1 It would be an advantage if the computer’s hardware could handle the new software. XP has a much more user friendly system with less glitches then Windows 95. Not only that, but the security settings are much greater on Windows XP. As I said above, if the computer couldn’t handle the new hardware, then it would put a great damper on the performance of the machine. Case 2-2 A 233 MHz processor is the bare minimum to run Windows XP. The old billing program should be able to run through the Windows XP compatibility mode for Windows 95. I think the best alternative for the company would be to simply purchase some new or used cheap computers, such as an E-machine....
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303-chapter2 - I tried internet explorer and it appeared as...

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