303-CH-4 - reader, ftp client Way too many programs are...

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CHAPTER ASSIGNMENTS DUE 9/29/08 You are going to have plenty of time – but don’t put it off too long because I will not take late work!!!!! READ CHAPTER FOUR; DO THE KEY TERMS QUIZ AND THE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ Pages207-209 and have it ready to submit it electronically. DO the projects 4.1, 4.6, 4.7 (PC ONLY) AND CASE PROJECT 4.2 write up your findings or observations and insert these under your term and quiz answers. 1. B 2. True 3. Internet 4. B 5. False 6. 7. C 8. Hardware 9. The c key, cd rom icon appears in upper right corner of screen 10. C 11. False 12. Files and setting transfer wizard 13. Me, 2000, NT 14. A, c, d 15. False 16. C 17. B 18. To find drivers or updates and it is necessary 19. D 20. False 4.1 Yes, no, yes 4.6 All went through and updated 4.7 Many games, some burning software, internet browsers, media players, antivirus, adobe
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Unformatted text preview: reader, ftp client Way too many programs are listed to name them all, all of the icons on the desktop that I listed are also on the all programs list Adobe bridge Adobe photoshop Adobe reader Cyberlink power dvd Once again, way too many to list. but the same types of programs are listed as well as some updates such as ones from Java or video codecs for my video players. 4.2 Eventually they will need to upgrade to run new applications in the future. It is just a matter of when their machines and operating systems become completely obsolete. So really this is just a judgement call, but I would say either upgrade the operating system or buy new computer systems with XP loaded on it already....
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303-CH-4 - reader, ftp client Way too many programs are...

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