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NCAA Clearinghouse recently published its new eligibility standards for incoming freshman athletes. According to the doctrine, athletes must meet a variety of minimum qualifications in order to be eligible to recruit or be admitted into an institution. Nevertheless, these standards are minimal, and in turn, undermine the efforts of hardworking students seeking admission by way of above average academic achievement. These new eligibility standards require a prospective Division-1 athlete to have: a minimum 2.0 grade point average, a 16 core-course criteria, and an ACT or SAT score that corresponds with a certain grade point average. 1 In contrast, consideration for admissions to a university for a non-student-athlete substantially outweigh the NCAA requirement. As such, the NCAA Committee on Academic Performance would like to help increase graduation rates among athletes, by requiring incoming freshman to be able to comply with their respective institution’s admission requirements.
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Unformatted text preview: Respectfully, the NCAA Clearinghouse standards for freshman have not been of any assistance to increases in graduation rates. Those students who don’t participate in athletics, must qualify and compete with other students in order to gain admission to their particular institutions. For the fall 2008 admitted class at North Carolina State University, the average SAT score was 1208, and the percent of students in the top 10% of their high school class was 49.2%. 2 This figure is in strong contrast to the minimum for special admissions for NCAA athletes. In order to increase the percentage of NCAA student-athletes that graduate, eligibility criteria must parallel that of any other student. By abolishing the Clearinghouse requisites, prospective athletes will exemplify the “student” in student-athlete well before they step foot onto a college institution. 1 2 Source: Tommy Griffin, Director of Undergraduate Admissions...
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