2008 08 29 POLS 206 Notes

2008 08 29 POLS 206 Notes - POLS 206 29 August 2008, Friday...

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POLS 206 29 August 2008, Friday How are governments able to fulfill these responsibilities? Legitimacy - grants governments the capability/authority to enact policy, enforce laws. 1. Legitimacy by results – gained by giving people what they want a. security against physical assault b. security against invasion c. pride in their nation d. economic security 2. Legitimacy by habit a. once a government has been around for a while, people become accustomed to generally obeying its laws. b. People expect to operate under some government or other, and so whatever government has been obeyed in the past is likely to be regarded as legitimate 3. Legitimacy by Identity a. Reliance on ethnic/religious ties that exist between government leaders and the people b. or leaders’ past accomplishments (their historic roles) 4. Legitimacy by Procedures e.g. u.s. system of elections – even if we don’t like the individual who is elected, we don’t rise up and overthrow him. a. following an established procedures in setting yourself in power b. if most people have confidence in the procedures c. see any government which follows these procedures as legitimate Social bases of legitimacy 1. Political socialization e.g. kids in elementary school learn these values, through family mechanisms, through community, through culture – these help us determine our basic ideals of what government should be about
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a. the process by which people acquire their values and beliefs
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2008 08 29 POLS 206 Notes - POLS 206 29 August 2008, Friday...

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