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CpSc 120 Spring 2006 Review Sheet for Test 3 Chapter 4 – Inside the System Unit 35 questions + 3 extra credit The exam includes, but is not limited to, questions about the following topics (which should be studied in detail). Don’t forget to read the other notes that I posted on the processors, CPU, instruction cycle (& how it works), instruction set, pipelining, registers, system clock,
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Unformatted text preview: clock speed, data representation, processor manufacturers, bits & bytes, HT technology, other newer technologies (dual-core processors, 64-bit processors, Intel Next Generation processors) memory: RAM*, cache, ROM, CMOS ports & buses: serial, parallel, USB, IEEE 1394 (also called what?), system bus expansion cards and slots: types of expansion cards, types of slots (ISA, PCI, AGP)...
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